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    In Defence of the “Uncultured American”

    Citizens of the U.S. face exorbitant international travel costs compared with those living in Europe. Taking that into consideration, is the stereotype of the “uncultured American” really fair? When I was seven years old, I thought I was going to London, England. Not only did I think I was going, but via a boat. My departure location? Detroit, Michigan. Impressive, I know. For those of you unfamiliar with Detroit’s whereabouts, let me confirm for you that it’s nowhere close to Europe, or England, or even the Atlantic ocean. In fact, Michigan is smack in the heart of the midwestern United States. Now, back to my groundbreaking voyage. I was on…

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    Traveling in the Trump Era

    On a sunny morning two years ago, in November 2016, I walked across my college campus to the student center, ready to vote in my first presidential election. I had turned eighteen the previous December, and considered myself one of the ‘lucky ones’ that got to vote in a major election the same year they become an adult.   This was my attitude, at least, until I discovered who the candidates were. Government and politics had always been a substantial part of my life growing up, considering my dad teaches it. The first election I can remember was the reelection of George W. Bush in 2004. I was only six…