• Giorgos Eftychiou Featured
    Assorted Articles,  Interview

    Growing up in the Jehovah’s Witnesses

    You see them proclaiming the end of days from their stalls in busy streets, or hurrying down garden paths, the glare almost blinding from their pristine, plain white shirts as they bruise their knuckles on door after door after door. You turn them away, or perhaps just pretend you haven’t noticed them, and they move on, bible clutched tightly between their hand and torso.  They’re often the subject of ridicule, and sometimes even persecution, but how much do you really know about the Jehovah’s Witnesses? Giorgos struck me as someone caught in the space between two wildly different realities. We’d met on a 60km trek in the Svaneti region of Northern…

  • Alexander Mirgorodski
    Chișinău,  Moldova

    Pros & Cons of the Soviet Union

    "When we became independent, we have a joke that we became independent not just from the Soviet Union, but also from oil, natural gas... we became... super poor at the same time. A lot of factories... had been working for the needs of the Soviet Union, so there was no point running them any more. A lot of very talented people... became unemployed in a moment."

  • Marina Skaletskaya Featured
    Bălți,  Moldova

    Inequality & Youth Culture in Moldova

    "Here it is very strange, people divide into groups. Some are very, very rich; they work in parliament or something. The rest are very poor and they just try to survive... this imbalance is because of corruption. If people want to get better medical assistance, for example, they have to pay, because everyone knows that if you're not going to pay a bribe then you won't be treated as well."

  • Pavlo

    Childhood in Soviet Ukraine

    The Place: Chernivtsi “Sunlight bounced off a mosaic of coloured tiles, visible only where snow had cascaded in an avalanche from the roof into the garden below. I was looking at the snow-dusted and grandiose UNESCO world heritage site, Chernivtsi University. Students strolled in and out of the main gate, seemingly oblivious to the breathraking beauty of what towered above them.” Please note that we do not fact-check our interviewees, and that their views do not necessarily represent our own. The Person: Pavlo Kolyadinsky, 36, Tour Agency Director “I was a PhD student in the geographical department. I finished that several years ago. It was to do with architecture and urban…

  • Ivano-Frankivsk,  Ukraine

    Escaping the war in Eastern Ukraine

    The Place: Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine “The snow brought respite to my eardrums, muffling the noise and allowing a stillness to take hold of the city. Voices echoed across parks, crows cawed while they circled above, and wind swayed creaking branches as artificial sounds, for once, receded into the backdrop… the capital of the Carpathian region balanced the tranquility of a town with the vibrance and character of a city, giving me time to catch my breath and for my senses to recover after my last two stops in Ukraine.” Please note that we do not fact-check our interviewees, and that their views do not necessarily represent our own. The Person: Yulia Ostrohliad, 36,…